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September 2012

Hey.  I am a writer/comedian living in San Francisco.  I’ve been out here 20 years now, so I’m practically a native.  Originally I’m from NJ & NYC.  You can hear it when I talk.

My comedy stems from my experiences in the world as someone with OCD, depression, anorexia, a very dark sense of humor, and probably also being gay.  I’m older than most comedians starting out.  I say starting out – I’ve been doing stand-up six years.

Once I figure out how to do it, I’ll post links to my Youtube clips and anything else noteworthy.

I do want to say this… I was an English major in college, and a teacher for a brief – albeit hellish – time after that.  I will never write ‘your’ when I mean ‘you’re.’  If I do, you can call me on it, okay?  Good.

And if you write ‘your’ when you mean ‘you’re’… you’re gonna piss me off.  So don’t do it.  Ever.  Anywhere.  I don’t care if you only have 140 characters.  Deal with it.


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  1. Well, this is exciting. I do not, ever, do the “your” mistake. Today I offered to proofread for free for a neighborhood paper that really needs it and the editor turned me down!!

    Anyway, back to you. There is a special method of constructing websites for comics!?

  2. Loren-
    I hope you & yours had a Happy Thanksgiving. I flew back East to see the family and saw some of the damage at the shore…what a mess.
    I’ll try and make it to the show at the Garage tomorrow evening. In the meantime, I hope all’s well.

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