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  1. Loren!! Sue Cook, Minnie (Cathy Coll) & I think of you often and have always wondered where you are. So I was elected to search for you – lo & behold, you’re (using it correctly) successful & still so damned funny, & living your life in SF. I watched your YouTube this morning & laughed so way out loud!! I’m so happy I got to see the inception of the career you have now. Please know we all think of you frequently & hope, if you have some time, can email me so I can share it with Minnie & Sue. We are all doing well. I’m in Boston, Minnie’s in VA, & Sue is retired in AZ or New Mexico – I can’t keep up with her. Hope to hear from you soon! Cheryl (Cipolla, Crawford C). My author’s name is Cate Crawford – silly, but I like it. Haven’t been published yet because I keep changing what I’m writing – about men, dating after age 50 – next month it’ll be 60 – being single at 59 & only able to attract guys in their 70s – yuck. So many stories, I just need to compile them for an e-book. Anyway, we’re here & would absolutely love to hear from you.

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