Life with Laughter

Life with Laughter, a new monthly variety show began on Thurs. Oct. 18, 8:30pm.  This showcase features standup comedy, storytelling/spoken word & music.

First show lineup: Wonder Dave, Liz Grant, Chris Burns, Natalia Rose Montana Miner and Raven Marcus, Morgan & me.

Second show lineup:  Tom Smith, Anita Drieseberg, Orchid and Hound, Debbie Campo, Morgan & me.

Third show lineup: Baruch Porras-Hernandez, Kristee Ono, Tom Rhodes, Reggie Steele, Morgan & me.

Fourth show… Jan. 29… lineup: Blythe Baldwin, Trevor Hill, Jefferson Bergey, Carla Clayy, Morgan & me.

Fifth show… Feb. 12… lineup: Enzo Lombard, Mary Van Note, Natalia Rose Miner, Samson Koletkar, Morgan & me.

Life with Laughter  February 12 show

Sixth show… March 12… lineup: Airial Clark, Kate Willet, Jeff Desira, Ken Townsend, Morgan & me.  Drop-in guest Roman Leo.

Seventh show… April 9… lineup: James Fluty, Emily Yates, Conor Kellicutt, Morgan & me.

Eighth show… May 14… lineup:  Sandy Stec, Stefani Silverman, Caitlin Gill, music Jordan Carp, Morgan & me.

** We are on hiatus while Morgan recoups from her elbow replacement!  Stay tuned for our next show!  **

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