Past Gigs

Wed. 9/05/12 at Duke’s R&B in Oakland.

Thurs. 9/06 at Viracocha in Girl Junk, SF.

Mon. 9/10 at Melt! Cafe in North Beach, SF.

Tues. 9/11 at Harvey’s Funny Tuesdays in the Castro, SF.

Thurs. 9/13 at Emma’s Coffeehouse in the Richmond, SF.

Mon. 9/17 at Club Deluxe on Haight @ Ashbury, 9pm.  Back to school show!

Thurs. 9/20 at Comedy Bodega on 16th & Mission, 8pm.  No cover charge.  With Betsy Salkind, Justin Lucas, Marga Gomez, Jules Posner, Mary Alice McNab & yours truly.

Photo: You're all on GUEST LIST! Thurs Sept 20 @8 - Comedy Superhero Betsy Salkind (Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing, Showtime) & Gay Boy Wonder Justin Lucas plus Fabulous 4 Loren Kraut, Jules Posner, Mary-Alice McNab & host Marga Gomez at Comedy Bodega / Thursdays<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> 3079 16th st. SF near BART - NO COVER!

Mon. 9/24 at The Brit in San Jose, 9pm.  Free.

Tues. 9/25 at The Layover in Oakland.  8:30pm.

Sun. 9/30 at SF Punch Line, Comedy Showcase, 8pm.

Fri. & Sat. 10/05 &10/06 at Our Little Theatre, Ellis & Taylor Sts. 8pm & 10pm.  A women’s comedy extravaganza!

Tues. 10/09 in Ladies Love the Layover, Oakland.  8:30pm.

Thurs. 10/18 at The Garage, Bryant & 5th Sts., 8:30pm.  Life with Laughter, a monthly variety showcase, begins!

Fri. 10/19 at The Last Laugh in Oakland, 10:30pm.

Sat. 10/20 at Comedy at North Park, San Jose, 8pm.

Tues. 10/23 at Milk Bar on Haight/Stanyan, 8pm.  Free.

Wed. 10/24 at Black Repertory Theatre in Berkeley, 8pm.

Fri. 10/26 at Bitch Slap! Exit Theater, Eddy & Taylor Sts., 8:30pm.

Sun. 10/28 in Disney Princess Show at Deco Lounge.  Yes, that’s right… I’m dressing up as a princess to tell jokes.

Mon. 11/12 at Monday Happy Hour, Cafe Royale on Post @ Leavenworth, 7pm.

Fri. 11/16 Life with Laughter at The Garage, 8:30pm.  With Morgan, Deb Campo, Anita Drieseberg, Tom Smith, & Orchid and Hound.

Sat. 11/17 Horsin’ Around Comedy Benefit at Stagewerx, 2pm.

Horsin' Around Comedy Benefit

Tues. 11/20 Rockit Room, 7:30pm.

Sun. 11/25 Feminista Comedy Night at Rebel, 8pm.

Wed. 11/28 Blackhorse London Pub, 1514 Union St., 9pm.

Tues. 12/4 Life with Laughter at The Garage, 8:30pm.  With Morgan, Baruch Porras-Hernandez, Kristee Ono, Tom Rhodes & Reggie Steele.

Wed. 12/5 Comedy & Pinball for a Cause Benefit at Kimball’s, Oakland, 8pm.

Fri. 12/7 Hella Gay Comedy Allstars at Stagewerx on Valencia.

Sun. 12/16 Punch Line Comedy Showcase, 8pm.

Thurs. 12/20 Starving Comedians at Lytton Gardens, Palo Alto, 3pm.

Thurs. 12/20 Comedy Bodega, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Benefit, 16th & Mission, SF, 8pm.

Mon. 12/31 Funny Vibes at The Sunflower Center, Petaluma, 9pm.

Tues. 1/1/13 Milk Bar, Haight & Stanyan, SF, 8pm.

Wed. 1/9/13 Masses in Walnut Creek, 9pm.

Thurs. 1/11/13 Comedians with Disabilities Act at Kimball’s Carnival, Oakland, 8pm.

Thurs. 1/17 Nightlife on Mars at Murphy’s Pub, Kearny & Sutter, 8:30pm.

Thurs. 1/24 Dana St. Roasting Co., Mt. View, 8pm.

Mon. 1/28 Cafe Royale, Monday Night Happy Hour, Sketchfest, 7pm.

Tues. 1/29 Life with Laughter at The Garage, 8pm with Blythe Baldwin, Trevor Hill, Jefferson Bergey, Carla Clayy, Morgan & me.

Sat. 2/09 Stagewerx, Rooftop Standup Showcase, Sketchfest, 8pm.

Tues. 2/12 Life with Laughter at The Garage, 8pm with Enzo Lombard, Mary Van Note, Natalia Rose Miner, Samson Koletkar, Morgan & me.

Tues. 2/26 Hella Gay How I Came Out Monologues, Rebel, 8pm.

Wed. 2/27 Cobb’s Comedy Showcase, 8pm.

Sun. 3/10 Cafe Reverie, SF, 7pm.  Silent Auction Benefit.

Tues. 3/12 Life with Laughter at The Garage, 8pm.  With Airial Clark, Kate Willet, Jeff Desira, Roman Leo, Ken Townsend, Morgan & me.

Fri. 3/22 Hella Gay Comedy at Comedy Spot in Sacramento, 9pm.

Tues. 3/26 Neck of the Woods, SF, 7:30pm.

Wed. 3/27 RWC Underground Pub, 2650 Broadway, Redwood City, 9:30pm.

Mon. 4/01 OMG LOL, 6th & Market, SF, 9pm.

Thurs. 4/4 Nightlife on Mars at Murphy’s Pub, 8:30.

Fri. 4/5 Our Little Theater, 2 shows 8 & 10pm.

Tues. 4/09 Life with Laughter at The Garage, 8pm with Toaster, Conor Kellicutt, James Fluty, Emily Yates, Morgan & me.

Wed. 4/10 Comedy showcase at The Stud, 8pm.

Sun. 4/14 Comedy Showcase at The Punch Line, 8pm.

Thurs. 4/18 Comedy Bodega at Esta Noche, 8pm.

Thurs. 4/25 Nightlife on Mars at Murphy’s Pub, 8:30pm.

Sat. 4/27 Courting Comedy at Dirty Trix Saloon, 9pm.

Mon. 5/6 Misery Index at The Rite Spot, 8pm.

Wed. 5/8 The Stud Bar, 8pm.

Sun. 5/12 A Funny Night for Comedy, The Actors Theater, 7pm.

Tues. 5/14 Life with Laughter at The Garage, 8pm.

Wed. 5/15 Comikaze Lounge at Cafe Royale, 8pm.

Sat. 5/18 Comedy Oakland, 7:30pm.

Fri. 5/24 at EXIT Cafe, 156 Eddy St., SF, 8:30pm… Comedy StoryBattle.  Telling a story about my OCD.

Thurs. 5/30 Comedy Bodega at Esta Noche, 8pm.  Tribute to Anita Drieseberg on her birthday.

Sat. 6/01 Cynic Cave, Valencia St., SF 8pm.  $10.

Mon. 6/03 LOL at OMG, 6th St. & Market, SF, 9pm.

Thurs. 6/06 Comedy Bodega at Esta Noche, 8pm for PRIDE month!!

Mon. 6/10 on fccfreeradio with Steven Alan Green, 10am-12pm.

Tues. 6/11 Ladies Love the Layover, Oakland, 8pm.

Mon. 7/08 Ladies Night at The Brit, San Jose, 9pm.

Tues. 7/09 Purple Onion at Kells, 8pm.

Wed. 7/24 Mean Dave’s in Redwood City, 8pm.

Wed. 7/14 Aboveground at Underground Pub, Redwood City, 9:30pm.

Thurs. 7/25 Emma’s Coffee House, SF, 7pm.

Sat. 8/03 Comedy & Pinball Nina’s Birthday Show, Alameda, 8pm.

Sun. 8/04 Comedy Showcase at the Punch Line, 8pm.

Mon. 8/12 Comedy Returns to El Rio!  8pm.

Tues. 8/13 Milk Bar, Haight St., 8pm.

Wed. 8/14 Flying Pig Bistro, 7pm.

Mon. 9/16 at The Marsh… scenes from my solo show Further Out Than You Thought.  7:30pm , $7.

Tues. 9/17 Harvey’s Funny Tuesdays, 9pm.

Tues. 9/30 at The Marsh… scenes from my solo show Further Out Than You Thought.  7:30pm, $7.

Thurs. 10/10 Nightlife on Mars at Murphy’s Pub, 8:30pm.

Wed. 10/16 Comedy/Art Benefit, 8pm.

Thurs. 10/31 Catskills Comedy Club, Ft. Lauderdale, 8:30pm

Tues. 11/12 Neck of the Woods, 7:30pm

Thurs. 11/14 Black Horse Pub, 9:30pm

Sun. 11/17 Showcase at Punch Line, 8pm

Wed. 11/20 San Jose Improv, 8pm

Thurs. 12/5 Esta Noche, 8pm

Wed. 12/11 Rooster T. Feathers, Sunnyvale, 8pm

Sat. 12/14 Ray’s Hearth, 8:30pm

Sat. 1/4/14 Bella Ultra Lounge, Oakland, 7:30

Tues. 1/7/14 Neck of the Woods, 7:30

Fri. 1/10/14 St. John the Evangelist Church Benefit

Sat. 1/11 Ray’s Hearth, 8:30pm

Mon. 1/20 Bits & Booze at Cafe Royale, 9pm

Thur. 1/23  Emma’s Coffee House, 7pm

Fri. 1/24  Sketchfest…. Brava Studio, 8pm.

Mon. 2/3/14  Melt Cafe, 8pm.

Sat. 2/8/14 Sketchfest… Brava Studio, 10:15pm.

Thurs. 2/13  Barbary Coast Comedy , 7pm, Oakland.

Thurs. 2/27 Washington Inn, 7:30pm, Oakland.

Wed. 3/12 Rooster T. Feathers … Preliminary Round of Competition, 8pm.
Advanced to Semi-finals!!

Thurs. 3/13 Storking Comedy at The Stork Club, Oakland, 8pm.

Fri. 3/14 Hella Gay’s Big Dyke Comedy Show at The Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland, 8pm.

Thurs. 3/20 Nightlife on Mars at Murphy’s Pub, 8:30pm.  Guest hosting.

Sun. 3/23 Bazaar Cafe, Comedy & Music Benefit, 6pm.

Thurs. 3/27 Emma’s Coffee House, 7pm.

Fri. 3/28 Women’s History Month Comedy Special, The Blackbird Inn, San Jose, 8pm.

Sat. 9/13  Ray’s Hearth, 8:30pm

Fri. 9/19 Killer Laughs Comedy Competition Quarter-finals, Vito’s Express, Dublin, 8:30

Fri. 10/17 Killer Laughs Comedy Competition Semi-finals, Vito’s Express, Dublin, 8:30pm.  Came in 1st place… moved to Finals.

Wed. 10/22 Blush, SF, 8:00pm

Thurs. 10/23 Washington Inn, Oakland, 8pm

Fri. 10/24 Killer Laughs Competition Finals!!!, Vito’s Express, Dublin, 8:30pm

Thurs. 10/30 Comedians with Disabilities Act Recording, 7pm

Thurs. 11/06 Nightlife on Mars, Murphy’s Pub, 8:30pm

Fri. 11/07 Hella Gay Comedy Festival, Oakland, 7pm

Sat. 11/08 Hella Gay Comedy Festival, OMG, SF, 8pm

Sun. 11/09 Hella Gay Comedy Festival, Girl Power, 7pm

Sat. 1/03/2015  Tribute to Robin Williams, Publicworks, SF, 9pm

Mon. 1/05/2015 Swinging Door, San Mateo, 9pm

Thurs. 1/08/2015 Washington Inn, Oakland, 8pm

Sat. 1/24/2015 Sketchfest at Brava Studio, SF, 10:15pm

Sat. 2/07/2015 Sketchfest at Lost Weekend Video, SF, 8pm

Sat. 2/14/2015 Hella Gay Valentine’s Show, Magnet, SF, 8pm

Sat. 1/10/2015 Ray’s Hearth, SF, 8:30pm

Thurs. 1/15/2015 Gays for Days at Club 21, Oakland, 8pm

Fri. 1/16/2015 Pinhole Cafe, SF, 7pm

Sat. 1/24/2015 Sketchfest at Brava Studio, SF, 10:15pm

Sat. 2/07/2015 Sketchfest at Lost Weekend Video, SF, 8pm

Sat. 2/14/2015 Hella Gay Valentine’s Show, Magnet, SF, 8pm

Wed. 2/18 Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday, SF, 7:30pm

Thurs. 2/19 Volcano Union Inn, Volcano, 7pm

Thurs. 2/26 Comedy Girls Satellite, Las Vegas, 8pm.  Won 1st Place!!

Sat. 2/28 Comedy Girls Satellite, Las Vegas, 7 & 9pm, Won 3rd Place overall!!

Sat. 3/7/2015 Exit to Oakland, Oakland, 8pm

Mon. 3/9/2015 Monday Happy Hour, Cafe Royale, SF, 7pm

Thurs. 3/12/2015, Learn From Me, Doc’s Lab, SF, 8pm

Sun. 3/15/15  Comedy Showcase, Punch Line, SF, 8pm

Fri. 3/20/2015 Comedy Palace Satellite, San Diego, 9:30pm.  Won 2nd Place in round.

Sat. 3/21 Comedy Palace Satellite, San Diego, 7:30pm.  Semi-finals.

Mon. 3/23 Comedians on Fire, Benefit, The Royale, SF, 8pm

Tues. 3/24 The Layover, Oakland, 8pm

Thurs. 3/26 Comedians With Disabilities Act, SOMArts Cultural Center, SF, 7pm

Tues. 4/7 The Comedy Palace, San Diego, 7pm

Sat. 4/11 Ray’s Hearth, SF, 8:30pm

Tues. 4/14 Ladies Love the Layover, Oakland, 8pm

Thurs. 4/16 Comedy Returns to El Rio, SF, 8pm

Fri. 4/24 Comedy Oakland, Washingtong Inn, Oakland, 8pm

Wed. 4/29 Comedians With Disabilities Act, CD Release Party, Sacramento Punch Line, 8pm

Thurs. 5/7 Comedy Oakland, Washington Inn, Oakland, 8pm

Fri. 5/8 Brainwash Showcase, 8pm

Sat. 5/9 Ray’s Hearth, 8:30pm

Wed. 5/13 Laughing Devil Competition, Eastville Comedy Club, NYC, 9pm

Thurs. 5/14 Laughing Devil Competition, Broadway Comedy Club, NYC, 9pm

Fri. 5/15 Laughing Devil Best of the Fest, Broadway Comedy Club Red Room, NYC, 10pm

Wed. 5.20 Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday, Golden Girls of Comedy, SF, 7:30pm

Sat. 5/23 Comedy, Oakland, 8pm

Wed. 5/27 Freddie J’s, San Jose, 8pm.  Headlining.

Fri. 6/5 Brainwash Showcase, 8pm

Sun. 6/7 Festa Lounge, 7pm

Thurs. 6/11 Winners Hotel & Casino, Winnemucca, NV, 8pm

Fri. 6/12 Aftershock Sports Bar, Klamath Falls, OR, 8pm

Thurs. 6/25 Sanctuary Ultra Lounge, Livermore, 7:30pm

Mon. 6/29 Melt the Mic Cafe, 8pm

Thurs. 7/02 Nightlife on Mars, Murphy’s Pub, 8:30pm

Fri. 7/03 Comedy Noir at Balancoire, 8pm

Mon. 7/13 Oasis, 6pm.

Wed. 7/15 Oakland Comedy Shop, Feelmore Gallery, Oakland, 8pm

Thurs. 7/16 Full-frontal Comedy, Lookout, 8pm

Tues. 7/21 Agave, San Jose, 8pm

Wed. 7/22 Comedy Machine, The Purple Onion at Kell’s, 8:30pm

Thurs. 8/06 Mission Position, SF, 8pm

Fri. 8/14 Lift Off!, HIGHlarious Comedy Festival, Seattle, 6pm

Fri. 8/14 Mary Jane, HIGHlarious Comedy Festival, Seattle, 8pm

Sat. 8/15 LGBTHC, HIGHlarious Comedy Festival, Seattle, 7pm

Thurs. 9/10 Cobb’s Comedy Club, SF, 8pm

Sat. 9/19 Comedy Machine, Spice Monkey, Oakland, 8pm

Fri. 9/25 World Series of Comedy, Las Vegas, 7pm

Thurs. 10/1 The Blue Lagoon, Santa Cruz, 8:15pm

Fri. 10/2 Comedy Oakland, Washington Inn, Oakland, 8pm

Wed. 10/14 Loren Kraut & Friends, Festa, SF, 7:30pm

Sat. 10/24 Chile Con Comedy Fiesta, Magnet, SF, 8pm

Tues. 11/3 Harvey’s Funny Tuesdays, SF, 9pm

Thurs. 11/5 Get Up, Stand Up, Purple Onion at Kell’s, 8:30pm

Fri. 11/6 Golden Girls of Comedy, Teazers Tea Market, Fresno, 8pm

Sat. 11/14 Ray’s Hearth, SF, 8:30pm

Wed. 11/18 Smack-Dab Open Mic, Magnet, SF, 8pm

Thurs. 12/17 Golden Girls of Comedy, Comedy Oakland, Oakland, 8pm

Thurs. 12/31 Comedy Machine Oakland, Spice Monkey, Oakland, 9:30pm

Sat. 1/09/2016 Sketchfest at Doc’s Lab, SF, 10pm

Mon. 1/11/2016 Swingin’ Door, San Mateo, 9pm

Wed. 1/13/2016 Comedy Tandem, Hayward, 8pm

Fri. 1/15/2016 Pamtastic Showcase, Mutiny Radio, SF, 8pm

Wed. 1/20/2016 Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday, Moonlight Cafe, SF 7:30pm

Thurs. 1/21/2016 El Rio!, SF, 8pm

Wed. 1/27/2016 Along Came Loren, The Royale, SF, 8pm PREMIERE

Sat. 1/30/2016 Set-up, The Basement, SF, 8pm

Fri. February 26, 2016 WSOC Comedy Girls, Las Vegas, 7:00pm

Fri. March 11, 2016 Washington Inn, Oakland, 8:00pm

Fri. March 18, 2016 Comedy Palace, WSOC, San Diego, 7:30pm

Wed. March 23, 2016 Cobb’s, SF, 8:00pm

Fri. March 25, 2016 Purple Onion at Kell’s, SF, 8:00pm

Tues. March 29, 2016 Punch Line, SF, 8:00pm

Wed. April 6, 2016 Comedians With Disabilities Act, Laughs Unlimited, Sacramento, 7:00pm

Fri. April 15, 2016 Joke or Get off the Stage, Washington Inn, Oakland, 8pm

Wed. April 20, 2016 420 Show at Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday, SF, 7:30pm

Fri. April 22 2016 World Series of Comedy, Laughs Unlimited, Sacramento, 10:30pm

Thurs. April 28, 2016 SheDot Festival, Empire Comedy Bar, Toronto, 7:30pm

Thurs. April 28, Hotbox Cafe, Toronto, 8:30pm

Sat. April 30, 2016 SheDot Festival, The Corner, Toronto, 9:00pm

Sat. May 7 Comedy Machine Oakland, Oakland, 8:00pm

Sat. May 28 New Movement Comedy Theater, New Orleans, 7:30pm

Thurs. July 21, Nightlife on Mars at Murphy’s Pub, SF, 8:30pm

Sun. July 24, Really Funny Comedians (Who Happen to be Women) at Cobb’s Comedy Club, 7:30pm

Fri. August 5, the Mermaid Show, SF, 8:00pm

Fri. September 2, Spice Monkey, Oakland, 9:30pm

Sun. September 11, Asiento, Suicide Awareness Event, SF, 7:00pm

Sun. September 18, Comedy Day!, Golden Gate Park, SF, 12:15pm

Sun. September 25, A Women’s Night of Comedy Relief, Graton Community Club, Sebastapol, 2:00pm

Wed – Sun October 5-31, ScreamGate Haunted House, SF, 6-10:00 or 11:00pm

Fri. November 4, The Mermaid Show, Exit Theater Cafe, SF, 8:00pm

Sat. November 5, Comedy Machine, Oakland, 8:00pm

Wed. November 16, Bazaar Cafe, SF, 7:00pm

Thurs. December 1, Radio Ha-ha, 6:00pm

Fri. December 23, Spice Monkey, Oakland, 9:30pm

Sat. January 14, 2017, Sketchfest, Golden Girls of Comedy, Brava, 8pm

Sat. March 18, 2017 SOLO SHOW: A Bit Touched, Oakland, Jeffrey Bihr Studio, 7:00pm

Fri. April 21, Comedy Oakland, at Spice Monkey, Oakland, 7:30pm

Sun. April 23, Comedians with Disabilities, Contemporary Jewish Museum, 2:00pm

Mon. April 24, The Stud, SF, 8pm

Tues. April 25, the Castro, 8pm

Thurs. April 27, Cobb’s Comedy Club, SF, 8pm

Fri. April 28, Cobb’s Comedy Club, SF, 8:00pm, 10:15pm

Sat. April 29, Cobb’s Comedy Club, SF, 7:30pm, 9:45pm

Sun. April 30, Cobb’s Comedy Club All-Stars, SF, 7:30pm

Wed. May 24, SOLO SHOW: A Bit Touched, Moonlight Cafe, SF, doors 7pm

Sun. June 11, No Man’s Land, Ivy Room, Oakland, 6:30pm

Sat. July 1, Comedy Machine, Spice Monkey, Oakland, 7:30pm

Sat. July 15, The Power of Vulnerability, Page St., SF, 10:00pm

Wed. July 19, Tuesdays’ Child on Wednesday, Moonlight Cafe, SF, 7:30pm

Fri. July 21, Comedy Oakland, Spice Monkey, Oakland, 7:30pm

Wed. July 26, Comedy at Strut, SF, 8:00pm

January 12-14, 2018 “A Bit Touched” Tucson Fringe Theater Festival, Arizona

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